Chinese for Beginners

Chinesisch für Anfänger

Autor: Peking Languages Institute (Hrsg.)

Verlag: Foreign Languages, Beijing, China

ISBN: 083511161X


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The materials used in this book were compiled by the Peking Language Institute and the monthly China Reconstructs and were first published in instalments from July 1972 to December 1973 in the Language Corner of the magazine.

What is usually referred to as "Chinese" is really the language of the Han nationality, which makes up over 90 percent of China's population. It has many different dialects.
The Chinese known as putonghua (common speech) which is being popularized throughout China today is based on the northern dialect with Peking pronunciation as the standard. The lessons given here are in putonghua.


Introduction * Chinese Characters * Lessons (1-24) * Answers to Exercises * Vocabulary

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Chinese for Beginners Chinese for Beginners
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