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Interpret / Gruppe: STEVE HILLAGE

Von dieser LP ist 1 Exemplar erhältlich:

Green Green
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Virgin Records, 1978, Germany
Bestellnr: 25875 XOT

Songs / Hörproben:

  1. Sea-Nature
  2. Ether Ships
  3. Musick of the Trees
  4. Palm Trees (Love Guitar)

  5. Unidentified (Flying Being)
  6. U.F.O. over Paris
  7. Leylines to Glassdom
  8. Crystal City
  9. Activation Meditation
10. The Glorious om Rife


Guitar, Polyphonic Guitar Synthesiser, Moog Sythesiser, Glissando Guitar, Voice 

Miquette Giraudy - ARP and EMS Synthesisers, EMS Vocoder, Voice
Joe Blocker
- Drums, Percussion
Curtis Robertson jr.
- Bass Guitar

Produced by Nick Mason and Steve Hillage / Engineered by John Wood

Preis: 2.90 Eur
Zustand: AB