DIXIE PARTY - 30x Old Time Jazz

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DIXIE PARTY - 30x Old Time Jazz DIXIE PARTY - 30x Old Time Jazz
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Elite Special, 1975, Switzerland
Bestellnr: LP-33001

Songs / Hörproben:

The Piccadilly Six

Live at the Atlantis

  1. Up a Lazy River (Carmichael H.)
  2. That´s Love (from Carmen) (Bizet G.)
  3. Tuxedo Junction (Johnson-Dash-Hawkins)
  4. Ol´ Man River (Kern J.)
  5. Come Along Please (Doncaster P.; Voc. Dave Stewart)

  6. Wimoweh (Traditional)
  7. Summertime (Gershwin G.; Clar. Paul Wardrope)
  8. Sit Down, You´re Rockin´ the Boat (Loesser F.; Voc. Bob Campbell)
  9. Michael Row the Boat (Traditional; Voc. Bob Campbell, Dave Stewart)
10. When the Saints (Traditional; Voc. Dave Stewart, Bob Campbell)

Recorded live at the Atlantis, Basel, March 1973.

Dave Stewart - trumpet, vocal
Bob Campbell - banjo, guitar, vocal
Paul Wardrope - clarinet
Milan Polasek - bass
Vic Stockwell - trombone
George Cole - drums

Lake City Stompers

Old Time Jazz Band

  1. Lawd, You´ve been so Good to me (Traditional)
  2. Apex Blues (J. Noone/Williams)
  3. God Leads His Dear Children Along (Traditional)
  4. Just a Closer Walk with Thee (Traditional)
  5. Martiniquen (Last Year) (H. Littelton)
  6. Panama Rag (Traditional)

  7. Moten Shake (Arne Bue  Jensen)
  8. Beale Street  Blues (W.C. Handy)
  9. Le Marchand De Poisson (S. Bechet)
10. Riverside Blues (T.A. Dorsey/R.M. Jones)
11. Ice Cream (Johnson/Mail King)
12. Gate Mouth Blues (L. Armstrong)

Franz Koch - trumpet
Werni Kaufmann - clarinet
Rolf Abisser - trombone
Fritz Tüscher - banjo, vocal
Heinz R. Hänni - tuba
Hansjörg Schaltenbrand - bass
Peter Bergmann - drums

Black Bottom Stompers

New Orleans Jazz

  1. Stomp off, Let´s go (Elmer/Schoebel)
  2. Everybody Loves my Baby (J. Palmer/S. Williams)
  3. Louisville Stomp (H. Clifford)
  4. Peculiar (S. Bonano/H. Shields)

  5. Tight Like That (Dorsey/Whitetaker; Vocal and guitar: R. Weideli)
  6. I Want You Just Myself (Joe Oliver)
  7. She is Crying for me (S. Pecora)
  8. Cake Walking Babies (Williams/Smith/Troy)

Ueli Fahrni - trompet
Bruce Roberts - klarinette, altsaxophon
John Service - posaune
Hugo Brösel - sousafon
Ruedi Bleuer - banjo
Alan Rogers - klavier
Walti Kohler - waschbrett

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