The Sands Family

Interpret / Gruppe: THE SANDS FAMILY

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The Sands Family The Sands Family
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AMIGA, 1981, DDR
Bestellnr: 845206

Songs / Hörproben:

  1. Your Daughters and Your Sons       (Tom Sands)
  2. The Queen´s Song       (Colum Sands)
  3. Madam I´m a Darlin´       (Traditional)
  4. The Election Song       (Colum Sands)
  5. Follower / The Cat´s in the Cradle       (Ben Sands/Harry Chapin)
  6. A Man Named Armstrong       (John Stewart)

  7. The Wind´s are Singing Freedom       (Tommy Makem)
  8. The Banks of the Bann       (Traditional)
  9. I´m Going Back to the Bicycle       (Tom Sands)
10. The Man from Kinsale       (Traditional)
11. Blame the World       (Colum Sands)
12. Sliabh Gallion Braes       (Traditional)

Anne Sands - vocals, bodhran
Colum Sands
- voclas, guitar, fiddle, concertina, bass
Tom Sands
- vocals, guitar, banjo
Benny Sands
- voclas, guitar, mandolin, whistle

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