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Interpret / Gruppe: ELOY

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Ocean Ocean
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Harvest/EMI, 1977, Germany
Bestellnr: 1C064-32596

Songs / Hörproben:

  1. Poseidon´s Creation
  2. Incarnation Of Logos

  3. Decay Of Logos
  4. Atlantis Agony At June 5th - 8498, 13 P.M. Gregorian Earthtime


Lead Vocals, All Electric, Acoustic and Effect Guitars


Vocals, Thunderbird- and Fender Fretless-Bass Guitars


Hammond Organ, Minimoog and ARP Synthesizers, Mellotron, RMI Keyboard, Computer, Xylophone,
Angelic Voices


Sonor Genuine Rosewood Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Timbales, Roto-Toms, Temple Blocks, Kettle-Drums,
Tubular Bells, Morse Key, Voice, Triangles, Paper and Flute!

All My Thanks To "Green Valley", Where My Planted Love Is Growin´ Now!

P.S. Alle lästigen Nebengeräusche sind pure Absicht!

Produced September and October 1977 At "Sound-N-Studio", Cologne. Recording Engineer, Creative Ideas
and Great Sound:
Georgi Nedeltschev - Big Boss Man! Remixing Engineer (1,2): Günther "Felix" Beyer.
Remixing Engineer (3,4): Georgi Nedeltschev. Sound System by "Inter-Soundhouse", Rolf Kleemann KG,
Hannover, Lavesstrasse.
. All Titles are composed, arranged and played by "Eloy". The Album is produced
by Frank Bornemann and "Eloy"
. All Lyrics by Jürgen Rosenthal.
Road Crew: Klaus The Soldier and Delle Hä!

Preis: 8.90 Eur
Zustand: AB