Interpret / Gruppe: CHRISTINE FELLOWS

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Nevertheless Nevertheless
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Six Shooter Records, 2007, Canada
Bestellnr: 3676600342

Songs / Hörproben:

  1. Let Us have Done With The Umbrella Of Our Contagion
  2. Not Wanted On The Voyage
  3. Saturday Night On Utopia Parkway
  4. The Spinster's Almanac
  5. To A Prize Bird
  6. Cruel Jim
  7. What Makes The Cherry Red
  8. The Parlour Rollers
  9. Outcast
10. Poor Robin
11. The Goddess Of Macrame
12. Nevertheless
13. A Pantry Ballet
14. Yours, And With Ever Grateful Wonder
15. What Are Years?

CHRISTINE FELLOWS - vocals, keyboards

Leanne Zacharias
Cristina Zacharias
Ed Riefel
Barry Mirochnick,
Keith McLeod
Cam Loeppky
Greg Smith
John K. Samson

Recorded at the Prairie Recording Co. studio in Winnipeg and the Manitou Opera House in Manitou, Manitoba.

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