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Interpret / Gruppe: GENESIS

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Charisma, 1970, United Kingdom
Bestellnr: 1020

Songs / Hörproben:

  1. Looking For Someone
  2. White Mountain
  3. Visions Of Angels

  4. Stagnation
  5. Dusk
  6. The Knife

Peter Gabriel - lead voice, flute, accordion, tambourine and bass drum
Anthony Phillips - acoustic 12-string, lead electric, dulcimer, voices
Anthony Banks - organ, piano, mellotron, guitar, voices
Michael Rutherford - acoustic 12-string, electric bass, nylon, cello, voices
John Mayhew - drums, percussion, voices

Produced by: John Anthony / Engineer: Robin Cable / Artwork: Paul Whitehead for Cleen Mashine Studio.

Preis: 24.90 Eur
Zustand: AB