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Along For The Ride & Road Dogs

Interpret / Gruppe: JOHN MAYALL

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Along For The Ride & Road Dogs Along For The Ride & Road Dogs
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Eagle Rock Entertainment, 2008, Germany
Bestellnr: 5034504138520

Songs / Hörproben:

Along For The Ride (P 2001)

  1. A World Of Hurt
  2. Along For The Ride
  3. Put It Right Back
  4. That´s Why I Love You So
  5. Yo Yo Man
  6. If I Don´t Get Home
  7. Testify
  8. Early In The Morning
  9. Something About My Baby
10. So Many Roads
11. World War Blues
12. California
13. She Don´t Play By The Rules

The Musician
Lenny Castro - percussion
Reese Wynans - Hammond B-3 organ
John McVie, Greg Rzab - bass guitar
Andy Fairweather-Low - acoustic & electric guitars, vocals
John Mayall - vocals, slide guitar, harmonica, Wurlitzer piano, Clavinet, Hammond B-3 organ
Crystal Taliefero - background vocals
David Smith - synthesizer
Tom Canning - Wurlitzer piano, Hammond B-3 organ
Dick Heckstall Smith - alto saxophone
Buddy Whittington - guitar, acoustic guitar
Davy Green - acoustic guitar
Jeff Kribbit, Joe Delgado, Billy Gibbons, Peter Green, Gary Moore - guitar
Jeff Healey
, Mick Taylor, Steve Miller, Steve Cropper, Otis Rush - guitar
Joe Yuele, Mike Fleetwood, Hughie Flint - drums
Wendy Moten - vocals
Bob Delgado - accordion
Jonny Lang, Chris Rea, Shannon Curfman - vocals, guitar
Billy Preston - piano, organ

Produced by David Z

Road Dogs (P 2005)

  1. Road Dogs
  2. Short Wave Radio
  3. So Glad
  4. Forty Days
  5. To Heal The Pain
  6. Burned Bridges
  7. Snake Eye
  8. Kona Village
  9. Beyond Control
10. Chaos In The Neighborhood
11. You´ll Survive
12. Awestruck And Spellbound (Buddy Whittington & Joe Yuele)
13. With You
14. Brumwell´s Beat (Joe Yuele, Buddy Whittington & Buddy Whittington)
15. Scrambling

The Bluesbreakers:
John Mayall
- vocals, keyboards, harmonica
Buddy Whittington - Guitars
Hank Van Sickle
- Bass Guitar
Joe Yuele
- Drums

Additional Musicians:
Tom Canning: Keyboards (except: 1,4,5) / Dave Morris, Jr.: Violin (5) / Eric Steckel: Lead guitar (10)

Preis: 6.90 Eur
Zustand: AB