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The Jimi Hendrix Story

Interpret / Gruppe: JIMI HENDRIX

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The Jimi Hendrix Story The Jimi Hendrix Story
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Joker, 1972, Italy
Bestellnr: BOX 3 Dischi C 35/3

Songs / Hörproben:

Record One

  1. She Went To Bed With My Guitar
  2. Free Thunder
  3. Cave Man Bells

  4. Strockin´ a Lady On Each Hip
  5. Baby Chicken Strut

Record Two

  1. Down Mean Blues
  2. Feels Good
  3. Fried Cola

  4. Monday Morning Blues
  5. Jimi Is Tender Too
  6. Madagascar

Record Three

  1. Young Jim
  2. Lift Off

  3. Swift´s Wing
  4. Spiked With Heady Dreams
  5. Giraffe

Jimi Hendrix In the Early Years. This album Is Only for Collectors.

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