Slave To The Rhythm

Interpret / Gruppe: GRACE JONES

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Slave To The Rhythm Slave To The Rhythm
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Mahattan Island Records, 1985, Holland
Bestellnr: 2404471

Songs / Hörproben:

  1. Jones The Rhythm
  2. The Fashion Show
  3. The Frog And The Princess
  4. Operattack

  5. Slave To The Rhythm
  6. The Crossing (Oohh The Action...)
  7. Don´t Cry - It´s Only The Rhythm
  8. Ladies And Gentlemen: Miss Grace Jones

GRACE JONES - vocals

Ambrosian Singers - background vocals, choir, chorus
Guy Barker - trumpet
Pete Beachill - trombone, trumpet
J.J. Belle - guitar, percussion, bass, vocals, hi hat
Dave Bishop - tenor saxophone
Stuart Brook - trumpet
David Gilmour - guitar samples
Glenn Gregory - background vocals
Luis Jardim - percussion, bass
Stephen Lipson - guitar, bass, keyboards, engineering, synclavier, assisting production
Andy Macintosh - tenor saxophone
Gary Maughan - keyboards
John McCarthy - conductor, choir, chorus
Ian McShane - voice-overs
Andra Faye McIntosh - baritone saxophone
Tessa Niles - harp, background vocals
Geoff Perkins - trombone
John Pignegny - French horn
Andrew Richards - guitar, keyboards, background vocals
Andy Richards - drums, keyboards
Frank Ricotti - percussion, arrangements
Jon Sinclair - keyboards
David Snell - harp, French horn
Stan Sulzmann - alto and tenor saxophone
James Talbert - alto saxophone
John Thirkell - percussion, trumpet
Shorty Tim - percussion
Philip Todd - alto saxophone
Wallmen - keyboards
Bruce Woolley - guitar, bass, keyboards, background vocals

Jean-Paul Goude - design / Paul Morley - interview / Paul Cooke - Jovial Interview / Richard Niles - arrangements

Produced by Trevor Horn

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