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American Dreams

Interpret / Gruppe: ERIC BURDON

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American Dreams American Dreams
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Soundwings, 1993, EU
Bestellnr: 1988

Songs / Hörproben:

  1. I Used to be an Animal
  2. The Dream
  3. American Dreams
  4. Going Back to Memphis
  5. Leo´s Place
  6. Run for Your Life
  7. Don´t Give a Damn
  8. Living in Fear
  9. I Will be With You Again

Adrian Shepard - drums
Steve Stroud - bass
Jamie Moses - guitar
Andy Giddings
- keyboards
John Liotine - trumpet
Chuck Findley - trumpet
Jimmy ´Z` Zavala
- tenor sax, harmonica
Brad Silwood - alto, tenor sax
Nick Lane - trombone
Greg Smith - baritone sax
Jamie Glazer - guitar
Randy Kerber
- piano
Peter Michael - percussion
Steve Grant - add´l inst.
Julia Waters, Maxine Waters, Stephanie Spruill, Anna Lena Karlsson
- backing vocals
Geoff Bastow
- horn arrangements

Recorded at Indigo Ranch, CA USA. (This cd corresponds to LP: ´I Used To Be An Animal` in 1988)

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