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Absolutely Free


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Absolutely Free Absolutely Free
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ZAPPA Records, 1967/1995, EU
Bestellnr: O238352

Songs / Hörproben:

  1. Plastic People
  2. The Duke Of Prunes
  3. Amnesia Vivace
  4. The Duke Regains His Chops
  5. Call Any Vegetable
  6. Invocation & Ritual Dance Of The Young Pumpkin
  7. Soft-Sell Conclusion
  8. Big Leg Emma
  9. Why Don´tcha Do Me Right?
10. America Drinks
11. Status Back Baby
12. Uncle Bernie´s Farm
13. Son Of Suzy Creamcheese
14. Brown Shoes Don´t Make It
15. America Drinks & Goes Home

Frank Zappa - guitar, conductor, vocals 

Jimmy Carl Black - drums, vocals
Ray Collins - vocals, tambourine, PRUNE
Roy Estrada - bass, vocals
Billy Mundi - drums, percussion 
Don Preston - keyboards
Jim Fielder - guitar, piano
Bunk Gardner - woodwinds

Suzy Creamcheese (Lisa Cohen) - vocals (14)
John Balkin - bass (6,10)
Jim Getzoff – violin (14)
Marshall Sosson - violin (14)
Alvin Dinkin - viola (14)
Armand Kaproff - cello (14)
Ellis – trumpet (14)
John Rotella - contrabass clarinet (14)
Herb Cohen - cash register machine sounds (15)
Terry Gilliam, girlfriend and others – voices (15)

Producers: Frank Zappa, Tom Wilson / Director of engineering: Val Valentin / Engineer: Ami Hadani
David Greene / Mastering Engineer: Doug Sax / Arranger: Frank Zappa
Cover design:
Ferenc Dobronyi, Cal Schenkel / Layout design: Frank Zappa
Cover photo:
Alice Ochs / Cover art: Frank Zappa / Photography: Jerry Deiter
Alice Ochs / Collage: Frank Zappa / Liner Notes: Frank Zappa

Oratorio Composed/Arranged/Conducted by FRANK ZAPPA. Vaultmeisterment & Analog Transfers by Joe Travers, March 2012, UMRK. DSD
Signal path: Ampex ATR-102/Meitner Mark II A/D Converter via Sonoma Digital Workstation, courtesy Gus Skinas, Super Audio Center. Mastered
By Doug Sax with Robert Hadley and Sangwook ´Sunny`Nam at The Mastering Lab, Inc., 2012.
Renderment in Service to Zappa Records: Michael Mesker / Lyrical Intrigue: Kurt Morgan / Production Manager, Zappa Records: Melanie Starks.

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