Rarities 66-93 (The Psychopath´s Rolling Stones)


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Rarities 66-93 (The Psychopath´s Rolling Stones) Rarities 66-93 (The Psychopath´s Rolling Stones)
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Futuristic Blues, 1994, Germany

Songs / Hörproben:

  1. Star Spangled Banner
      (unreleased track, shortlisted as the intro to the 1993 concerts but later rejected)
  2. White Light White Heat
      (unreleased version from a 1970 press promotion live-gig)
  3. I´m Waiting For My Man
      (see above)
  4. All Tomorrow´s Parties
      (live Chicago 1967 feat. NICO)
  5. Run Run Run
      (long version New Hampshire 2.8.1969 feat. some remarkable guitar work)
  6. Guess I´m Falling In Love
      (live Cleveland 1967 feat. one of Lou Reed´s finest guitar works ever as well as some unpublished lyrical lines)
  7. Venus In Furs
      (live Texas 1969)
  8. Black Angels Death Song
      (V.U. re-union 1972, slow version, feat. NICO)
  9. I Can´t Stand It
      (prolonged version Detroit 1969)
10. Sheltered Life
      (studio outtake 1966)
11. Vernissage
      (radio ad)
12. Real Good Time Together
      (unpublished demo from 1969)
13. Chelsea Girl
      (rough demo by Lou Reed & Nico recorded in a hotel)
14. Pale Blue Eyes
      (live Detroit 1969)
15. I´ll Be Your Mirror
      (live duet by Nico & Cale)
16. The End
17. Bootlegin´ Blues

Lou Reed - lead vocals, backing vocals, lead guitar, ostrich guitar
John Cale - electric viola, piano, bass guitar, backing vocals, celesta, hissing, sound effects
Sterling Morrison - rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals
Maureen Tucker - percussion, drums, snare drum, tambourine, bass drum
Nico - vocals

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