Interpret / Gruppe: TANGERINE DREAM

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Stratosfear Stratosfear
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Virgin, 1976, France
Bestellnr: 940533

Songs / Hörproben:

1. Stratosfear 10:04
2. The Big Sleep In Search Of Hades 4:45

3. 3 AM At The Border Of The Marsh From Okefenokee 8:10
4. Invisible Limits 11:40

Edgar Froese
Moog synthesizer, Mellotron, guitars, 12-string guitar, grand piano, bass guitar, mouth organ

Peter Baumann
Moog synthesizer, Mellotron, Projekt Elektronik Rhythm Computer (modular synthesizer), Fender electric piano

Christopher Frank
Moog synthesizer, Birotron, organ, percussion, harpsichord

Produced by Tangerine Dream / Recorded August 1976 at the Audio Studios, Berlin, Germany

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