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Interpret / Gruppe: MIKE OLDFIELD

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Islands Islands
mehr ...

Virgin, 1987, Germany
Bestellnr: 208650630

Songs / Hörproben:

  1. The Wind Chimes Part One
  2. The Wind Chimes Part Two

  3. Islands
      Vocals by Bonnie Tyler
  4. Flying Start
      Vocals by Kevin Ayers
  5. North Point
      Vocals by Anita Hegerland
  6. Magic Touch
      Vocals by Jim Price
  7. The Times Has Come
      Vocals by Anita Hegerland

Thanks also to the following participating musicians:
Tony Beard, Raf Ravenscroft, Andy Mackay, Micky Simmonds, Phil Spalding, Micky Moody, Rick Fenn, Max Bacon, Bjorn J:Son Lindh,
Mervyn (Spam) Spence, Pierre Moerlen and Benoit Moerlen

The Wind Chime   Simon Phillips played drums and Anita Hegerland - vocal chants
Special thanks to:
Technical & Engineering Assistant: Richard Barrie / Assistant to Mike Oldfield: Jeremy Parker / Virgin A&R, Simon Draper and John Wooler

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