Stick To Me

Interpret / Gruppe: GRAHAM PARKER & THE RUMOUR

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Stick To Me Stick To Me
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Vertico, 1977, United Kingdom
Bestellnr: 9102017

Songs / Hörproben:

1. Stick to me
2. I´m gonna tear your
3. Playhouse down
4. Problem Child
5. Soul on Ice
6. Clear Head

7. The New York Shuffle
8. Watch the Moon come down
9. Thunder and Rain
10. The Heat in Harlem
11. The Raid

Graham Parker - vocals and guitars
Brinsley Schwarz - guitars, backing vocals
Bob Andrews - piano organs, backing vocals
Mertin Belmont - guitars
Steve Goulding - drums, backing vocals
Andrew Bodnar - bass

Special thanks and good luck to Alan Cowderoy and A J Morris. Thanks to Nicky, Howie and Angie at Rockflix.

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