Interpret / Gruppe: THE VOICES OF VICTORY

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AMIGA, 1988, DDR
Bestellnr: 855292

Songs / Hörproben:

  1. Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho
           (Arr. S. Matthews)
  2. Why
           (Arr. L.G. Kulka, Lead Singer: Jeanette Jones)
  3. Take Your Burdens To The Lord
           (Arr. S. Matthews, Lead Singer: Arthur Ransburg)
  4. Who Can You Turn to
           (Arr. T. Spinoza, Lead Singer: Jane Williams)
  5. I Know The Lord Has Laid His Hand On Me
           (Arr. L.G. Kulka)

  6. Down By The Riverside
           (Arr. S. Matthews)
  7. The Lord Will Provide
           (Arr. L.G. Kulka)
  8. Jesus´ Love Just Bubbles Over In My Heart
           (Arr. S. Matthews)
  9. Hear My Cry To Thee
           (Arr. S. Matthews, Lead Singer: Betty Clayborn, Patterson Singers)
10. He Has 10.000 Blessings
           (Arr. H.P. Haas)
11. He´s Got The Whole World In His Hand
           (Arr. L.G. Kulka) 

Kompositionen und Texte: Traditional except (4) 
The Voice of Victory, Conductor: Jessie Williams.

Originalaufnahme N.V. PhilipsPhonographische Industrie, Baarn, Holland

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